Professional Interior Designs through its Academy of Designing, offers educational programmes: Interior Design Education (Part 1) , Advanced Technical Design (Part 2) and Computer Aid Designing Programme. The Interior Design Education (Part 1) is geared towards individuals who are looking for an outlet for their creativity, or as a first step to discovering a new career path.
Founder, CEO and Design Principal, Trevalyne Paul-Tuitt started instructing her fellow Trinbagonians in interior design initially as a vehicle to market her then fledgling interior design firm, Professional Interior Design in 1992.  She realised not only that there are no other interior design programmes being offered locally but sadly, people were under the impression that interior design was something only for the wealthy. 
This being far from the truth, the Academy of Designing was founded so that knowledge of good design, no matter the budget or type of space could be shared with the general public.  Many years later, Trevalyne Paul-Tuitt still continues her mission to bring good interior design to all.  To gain more insight into the Interior Design Education Programme, we welcome you to view the Academy of Designing’s Information Packets for Programme 1.


Interested persons may download the Academy of Designing’s Programme registration form here and email the completed form for the programme of your choice to us at You may also register in person at the Academy of Designing.

This course is designed for users who require operational training and skills in managing drawing software. This will provide students with various principles and knowledge to support their interior designing potentials.